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November 15, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

       … Prussia said from across the room. Oh no. OH GOD NO. By the time you had cleared you brain enough to know what was going on, you and Gilbert were being led by the personification of America to one of the rooms in his giant house.
“Okay guys, have fun!” Alfred said as he locked the door from the outside, locking you and the white-haired, ruby-eyed German in your innocence’s death chamber.
“Kesesesese~” the German giggled, a slight smirk forming on his flawless face. You were trapped. In a small room. With GILBERT BEILSHMIDT. Yep, you and your virginity were doomed. You began to shake and panic, looking at the window that may very well lead to your demise. You would rather be stuck in a torture chamber with Ivan than what was happening right now. Even though you had been crushing on this guy for FOREVER, but…. Still!
“So, _______, ve are shtuck here for zhe rest of zhe night. Vaht do you suppose we do, mein frau?”
mein frau. the words rang in your ears like the aftermath of a detonated bomb. Your vision was as blurry as a Koi pond during feeding. His woman. You knew that it was a common term between people in Germany, but that time it spoke to you. Alas, that was a dream that would never come true.
“uuh, _______, you’re okay, ja?” You snapped out of your previous state with the words. He led you to the queen-sized bed, and sat you down. “The aweshome me ish getting you an ice pack or someshing, alright?” You nodded and plopped down. You didn’t feel sick, you just had the feeling of being dropped on one of the rollercoasters that rises you up to about 200 feet, then drops you and catches you at the last second. Butterflies were inhabiting your stomach, blush creeping up on your cheeks. He came out of the bathroom with a cold wet rag in his hand. He sat down next to you and placed the cold rag on your forehead, hot with blush.
“You feel hot, dame. You sure you’re okay?” Prussia said, worry edging his voice.
“I’m perfectly normal. It’s just… um…” you mumbled, even more blush reddening your face. Your heart pounded and you sat up. “I’m just gonna jump out of this window now…” you said, removing the cloth from your forehead. You were ready to fall to your death. Be gone, forever. You were lost in the thoughts of life after death when a warm pair of lips pressed against yours. Your eyes shot open to see pale skin and a few strands of pale blonde hair. You gasped from the action, but slowly melted into the kiss, briefly breaking for air every so-often. You were guided back to the bed by the strong German, beginning to crawl back onto it. Your heart was pounding a thousand times per minute, and rising. Prussia placed one hand on your cheek and looked deep into your (e/c) eyes. “I can’t let you kill yourself… because… Ich libe dich.” He said, never losing your gaze. Your heart exploded. Twice.
He quickly removed his hand from your cheek and sat up, blush quickly forming on his pale cheeks. “I-I-I’m sorry, dame. I’ll sleep on the floor. I’m really sorry.” He started saying almost too quickly to be audible. You sat up and grabbed his arm, pulling him back down to the bed. You quickly gathered the courage to bring your lips to his, not for as long as he had, but it seemed like forever. You finally broke the kiss, returning the gaze he held earlier.
“Gil… I love you too.” You said timidly. He relaxed, but the blush on his cheeks and nose still grew. His face quickly earned a smirk and he got down on his hands and knees on the bed, trapping you under him. He pressed his lips against yours gently, placing a hand on your cheek. You heard from his friends that he was the “rape” kind of guy, but they were obviously misjudging him, at least you thought, until the hand on your cheek moved down to your right breast and started groping and massaging it, causing you to gasp. He took this opportunity to shove is tongue into your mouth, exploring it as if it were his own. His tongue grazed the roof of your mouth, causing you to moan slightly. He broke the kiss, a small bridge of saliva connecting you two. His eyes were dark with lust and his mouth in a small smirk. He began undoing the first buttons of your blouse while trailing small kisses and love bites down your jawline and neck, causing small moans to escape from your lips. He found your sweet spot quickly, nipping at it with his teeth, drawing a deep groan from you.
He began lightly rubbing your thigh while placing small kisses up and down your neck and chest. His hand slowly moved up your shirt, feeling your smooth stomach and around your belly button. (Fun fact! Putting your finger in somebody’s bellybutton for 10 seconds is considered rape!) He quickly got bored of fondling your belly button and moved up and cupped your still-clothed right breast in his hand. You gasped, shrieking “Gilbert!” higher-pitched than you had intended. He lightly squeezed it, and decided he wanted the full effect. He began unbuttoning your blouse. He finished faster than you had thought he would (or could) and he moved the remaining fabric down your shoulders. He reached behind your back, and with a bit of struggle, unclasped your (b/c) bra. You slid down the straps of your bra teasingly, and tugged at his thin shirt. He kissed you again, not having to ask permission to explore your mouth. He somehow managed to keep his lips in contact with yours while getting his shirt off in less than ten seconds.
You gazed at his wonderful body, reminding yourself that yes, this was happening. You took off your bra and discarded it, blushing brightly. Prussia pulled his hand to his nose immediately. You giggled, and placed the other one on your left breast. It was… cold, and your nipple began to perken up. He started massaging your bare breast, rolling the bud beneath his fingers. His other hand left his nose and began giving the other boob the same treatment, bringing his mouth to your previously-massaged left one. You gasped and moaned as his hot muscle swirled around your perk nipple, occasionally nipping at it. Gil switched breasts, massaging the left one and sucking the right. You moved your hands to the crotch of his skinny jeans, tight with the bulge growing beneath them. You played with the button of his jeans, but he grabbed one of your hands lightly but firmly as you were about to undo it.
“Nein, frau,” he said breathlessly, “Not until you remove anozher article of clozhing.” socks! you thought looking at your feet. Dammit! You had taken them off to go swimming, and they were beside the pool. You began to undo your pants, your hands growing closer to your burning heat. You removed your pants to reveal your frilly but simple blue panties.
He smirked and one of his hands snaked to your crotch, his fingers stroking your heat from the outside of your panties. You moaned immediately and Gilbert moved closer you your ear, his fingers searching for your clit through your soaked undergarments.
“Is zhis from me, or from zhe pool earlier?” He found your love button as the last word escaped his glorious lips. You screamed a moan that was replied with a thump on the wall next to yours.
“Gilbert!” a familiar French accent called. “I’m trying to have a meaningful conversation over here!!! KEEP IT DOWN!!!” the Frenchman yelled.
“Oh schtop your vhining Frenchie!” your newfound lover replied.
He continued rubbing but you stopped him before your stomach tightened.
“You said you would take off your pants!” you said sternly.
“But dame,” he started lustfully “Foreplay is fun, plus I like hearing you moan~” he said.
“Well,” you countered, moving closer to his ear. “What if I want to make you moan?”
He was convinced. He quickly removed his pants to reveal his massive erection. Now you see why he said he had 5 meters, although it was closer to 8 or 8.5 inches. Your eyes locked on his member. “Schtop schtaring!” he pouted like a schoolgirl that got her first pimple. You moved your finger to what you figured was his base through his pink and yellow gilbird boxers. His breath became shallow.

“But you can’t keep me from touching it” you whispered into his ear. You trailed your finger up his generous length luxuriously, him letting out a deep groan. You moved your hands to the rim of his boxers and played with them a bit. He, again, pushed your hand away. You made a pouty face and stopped, wrapping your hands around his neck and kissing him.
“I suppose you want me to remove my panties?” you teased. He nodded. You pulled down your undies, revealing your dripping core. He brought one of his hands to your center, and stuck a finger inside, thrusting it slowly. You moaned again and he pulled his finger out, wet with your sweet love nectar. He sucked all of the juices off. Damn he knew how to push your buttons.
“We had a deal!” you whined.
“Fine, fine.” He replied, taking off his boxers. You trailed your finger up it like before, and lowered your head down to his member. You swirled your tongue around his throbbing head, licking the delicious pre-cum off from him. Soon, you engulfed his length completely. He was salty, but had a sweet quality to him. His member throbbed roughly inside of your mouth as you began to suck, drawing moans of your name from his lips. Your head bobbed up and down, base to tip, in a rhythmic motion. You eventually pulled off from him, a bridge of saliva connecting you and his still-erect member.
Prussia pinned you to the bed, and held your arms above your head. He stared into your (e/c) eyes. “I love you, _______. I alvays have. Alvays vill.” He planted a gentle kiss on your nose. Then, as if turned on by a light switch, smirked and giggled a bit, and dove down to your vital regions. His tongue grazed the surface of your damp entrance, tasting your delicious fluids. He plunged his tongue in, causing you to jolt your head back and buck your hips lightly. His tongue explored inside of you a bit, and then he pulled out. He licked your clit and began to suck on it lightly, almost throwing you over the edge. He nipped at it a few times, and your stomach began to tighten, your orgasm nearing. He went back to having his tongue inside of you, but he moved his hand up and his thumb took the action of rubbing your clit, sending you over the edge. Right before your orgasm hit, he stopped, much to your disappointment. He moved closer to you, placing a kiss on your lips lightly.
He got up out of bed and walked to the bathroom (in the process you noted that he has a nice ass) and came back with a small package in hand. He tore the plastic wrapper and revealed a large lubricated condom. He slipped it on his generous length and climbed back on the bed. He pressed his lips against yours, positioning himself at your still-wet entrance.
“Are you sure you’re ready for zhis?” he asked politely. You nodded in reply. He sighed and pushed himself in, the lubrication providing additional help.
The pain in your inner thighs was harsh, like a razor blade was shoved into your vagina and pushed around. Prussia looked worried. “Do you want me to shtap?” he asked.
You shook your head. The pain faded and was replaced by a burning pleasure, making you grind your hips against the German’s. He let out a small grunt as he thrust into you, hard. Oh god. “Oh… Mein… Gott… Gil… Do it again.” You said. He thrust again, you moaning “Gilbert~”, letting him know he was doing something right. He thrust repeatedly, holding his weight over you with his arms.
“Oh… Gil… Faster… Harder…” you begged, and he complied. Then, the burning in your nether regions ignited into a raging fire. “Ooh Gilbert, right there!” you pleaded. He pushed himself into you and pulled all but his head out of you and pushed back in repeatedly, hitting the same spot nearly every time.

“Aahn, G-gilbert…” you said breathlessly. “I’m gonna… ahn… I’m gonna caaAaAaAhmmm~” You said as you came.
“_-______!” he moaned as he came soon after. He thrust into you a few times more and pulled out, throwing the condom into a waste bin. You pulled close to his chest. Him wrapping his arm around you lovingly. You two closed your eyes and fell asleep soundly.

“Ohonhonhonhonhon~” France purred, pulling up the covers to reveal the two naked bodies beneath it. “Looks like someone got a little something last night, eh Spain?”
You fluttered your eyes open to see Spain next to France at the foot of the bed, staring at your naked body. You screamed trying to cover yourself as Prussia threw a pillow at them. “Like you got any lasht night eizher Francypants!” Prussia countered. As if on cue, Hungary walked oddly out of the bedroom France was staying in, and ran downstairs, slamming the front door behind her. Prussia continued to throw pillows at the two until they left you two alone, and you helped each other get dressed.

It was two years after you and Prussia had been going out, and you and him went out to a beautiful field in East Germany, and were taking a stroll.
“_______?” the white-haired German started. “I have somezhing to ask you.” He stood in front of you and looked you in the eyes. He took one of your hands and got down on one knee and pulls out a small box. “_______, I vant to be wis you forever und ever, srough zhe good times und zhe bad. So I ask you, _______ _______, vill you marry me?”  He opened the box to reveal a ruby and a (your e/c) gem imbedded in a sea of shining diamonds to form a beautiful ring. You brought your hand to your mouth.
“YES!!!” you screamed, so that the whole world could hear you. You hugged him and he put the ring on your finger, and you lived happily ever after.


If your lost, you should probably read the intro.
Intro: [link]

Enjoy, fellow hetalians!

Hetalia (c) Funimation and Himaruya Hidekaz
You (c) :iconsexyprussia2plz:

Picture: [link]

EDIT: as much as I love it, (and it lets me know I have readers) REQUESTS ARE CLOSED (for now) I have too much to do as is, and I just don't want this series to take a year. Thanks y'all!
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Cover your stump before you hump.
Wrap your willy before you get silly
Don't make a mistake cover your snake
No glove, no love
Wrap your joker before you poke her
CoVer your dinky before you get kinky
Leash your pet before you fly your jet
Wrap it in plastic it'll be fantastic
Wrap your meat before you beat
Armor the tank befor you enter the flank
Cover the funnel then enter the tunnel
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Cover your stone before you bone
Bag the mole then enter the hol
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